Townsend Security’s Alliance Key Manager (AKM) provides a complete key management solution, including server setup and configuration, key lifecycle administration, secure key storage, key import/export, key access control, mirroring, and backup/restore. AKM supports compliance audit logging of all server, key access and configuration functions.

AKM can be deployed using VMware, as a cloud server in Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, as a privately managed Hardware Security Module (HSM), or as a dedicated Cloud HSM.

Server management is accessed via a secure web browser interface and you can create and manage encryption keys using the AKM Administrative Console. The AKM solution supports the generation of certificates and private keys needed for authentication between client and server.

A number of client-side applications, pre-compiled libraries, and code samples are available to help developers and key clients on a variety of platforms retrieve data encryption keys or perform remote encryption and decryption on the AKM server. All materials needed for deployment can be found on the AKM Supplemental zip archive.

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