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Notice to Customer - Hardware Replacement Policy

When you purchase an Alliance Key Manager server you may be eligible to replace the server at or near cost at the end of four years of service. This document describes the hardware replacement plan and eligibility.

Server replacement

After four years from the date of purchase, you may purchase a replacement hardware server for Alliance Key Manager from Townsend Security. The replacement server will contain a software image that is the same as originally shipped to you, or which is the latest version of the key management software for which you are eligible, at your choice. The new server will be under hardware warranty for the same four year period. The server will be shipped to you via ground service, and the Townsend customer support group will assist remotely with the migration to the new box.

Requirement for maintenance agreement

Server hardware replacement is only available to customers who are on a current, paid in full software maintenance agreement. Customers who cancel their maintenance agreement, or who let the maintenance agreement lapse more than 90 days, are not eligible for the hardware replacement offer, and must re-purchase the server and software at the then-current list price.

Cost to customer

The replacement hardware server from Townsend Security will be priced near the actual replacement cost, plus shipping and administration. Townsend will establish a price for the replacement server that will change from time to time.

Services to customer

Townsend may offer and you may purchase on-site services from Townsend Security, or one of its partners, for assistance in replacing your existing servers. Please contact your account manager for information about on-site hardware replacement services.

Notification to customer

Townsend Security will notify you approximately 42 months after your initial purchase of a server, or the replacement of a server, about the hardware replacement option. You may order the server starting at that point, and must upgrade your existing server before the end of the 48 month period to avoid a lapse of the hardware warranty.

Termination of warranty

If you fail to replace the hardware by the end of 48 months, you will receive a notice of hardware warranty termination. You can continue on software support as long as you remain current on your maintenance agreement, but you will be without a hardware warranty. In the event of a hardware failure, you must purchase the hardware at a replacement price to be determined by Townsend Security. You will not need to re-license the software.


The terms and conditions of this hardware replacement policy may change at any time, with or without notice.